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We agree that we work with dime-a-dozen technology, but the quality of deliverables and delivery on schedule make Garlinfo to stand-out of the crowd. Garlinfo keenly monitor the trends in the website development and make sure the developed site wears the look and feel of latest and current trend. We feel

“Technology is not a barrier to communicate your business objective in a simple language either in words or in graphics”

Before deciding on the technology, we keenly understand the customer requirements and his IT infrastructure. Customer may have his own environment or may host in any shared or dedicated servers. Depending on his environment and customer requirement, we decide the technology that the application will go well and if there is any disagreement, we’ll try to educate and convince our customers with a strong reason behind it.

Also, we try to understand and guide the customer production environment for Licenses, Upgrades, Security vulnerabilities and Reliability. We do provide hardware requirements based on the application technology which directly has impact on the performance. If there is scarcity of resource, obviously it impacts the application load time and execution time.

Only on customer’s approval, we’ll finalize the technology and execute his requirement.

Our development and support Platform includes –

We support and develop applications on the following technologies –